Friday, March 24, 2017

A block: due March 27-31

Due Tuesday 3/28:  notes on pages 209-213; alternatively, you may (neatly) graph--just as you would in math!--American morale throughout the war.  To do so, use a blank 8 x 11" piece of paper and create a graph, with "date and event" on the x axis and morale on the y axis.  Choose ten events from the chapter and plot a data point for each event that, based on your best judgment and information from the reading, reflects American morale at that particular point in the war.  You need a brief (3-4 bullet point) summary of each even that should make it clear why morale was high/medium/low as as result of that event.

Due Thursday 3/30: notes on p. 216-225 (read for the big picture - only record 1-3 supporting details per section)

Due Friday 3/31: notes on 225-233

Extra credit:  due by Friday 3/31
Create a political cartoon about Jefferson's presidency that reflects an event or idea that has not been well represented in class to this point.  It may be drawn or digitally created (cite sources for images you use), must be insightful, visually appealing (use color, use space well, be neat) and explained in 2-4 well composed, grammatically correct sentences on the reverse of the image.  Be prepared to share briefly in class.  Worth up to 5 extra points for term 3.

Homework March 27-31 (C Block)

Due Monday, March 27: Nothing! Enjoy your weekend!
Due Tuesday, March 28: Notes on pages 209-213
Due Thursday, March 30: Notes on pages 217-227. Take them using this graphic organizer. I will explain the expectations for this on Monday.
Due Friday, March 31: Notes on pages 227-233 (skip the bit on Marshall and the Court)

Friday, March 17, 2017

A block - due Friday 3/24

Reading 204-209 due Friday 3/24.  That's your only homework for next week.  Good luck with MCAS!

Cultural Nationalism Stations

Here is a link to the Cultural Nationalism stations that we did in class this week and here are the images of buildings in and around Washington DC from A block on Thursday (C block:  you will look at these in class next week).

Next Week's Reading (3/20-3/24) (C Block)

Monday, March 20: Pages 228-229 (The section titled "Marshall and the Court")
Friday, March 24: Pages 204-209

Thursday, March 9, 2017

reading due next week (3/13-3/17)

180-188 reading/notes due Monday 3/13 (C block), Tuesday 3/14 (A block)
188-194 reading and timeline based on early industrial development due Tuesday 3/14 (C block), Wednesday 3/15 (A block) - C block:  you will get this on class on Monday, but can feel free to print it out or recreate it in your notebook if you want to get started on it.
194-204 due Thursday 3/16 (C block)
194-200 due Thursday 3/16 (A block), 200-204 due Friday 3/17

Friday, March 3, 2017

next week (3/6-3/10)

Party politics project (see below) due Tuesday 3/7.

Quiz on Washington and Adams presidencies and party politics today on Thursday 3/9.  All multiple choice questions (expect about 20), based on the assigned book reading and class handouts, activities and discussions.  You may also use these study questions to guide your review.
*You can find a link to the political terminology (filibuster, gerrymandering, etc.) in the party politics project description.*

As a follow-up to your party politics project and based on the projects you saw today in class, please contribute one thought or comment to your class's document:  A block, C block by Wednesday night at 9 p.m.

Here is a link to the Kahoot! game from class