Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Due dates for 5/31-6/9 and final project guidelines

Due Wednesday 5/31:  preliminary thesis and outline
Due Friday 6/2:  submit 3-5 internal/parenthetical citations you plan to use in the paper.  Include the full source information for each citation.  This step will count for 10 points, not the 20 indicated on the assignment sheet.
Due Tuesday 6/6:  first draft - peer editing in class - please be sure to bring a *printed copy* to class
Due Friday 6/9:  final draft  (you may want to try this method of targeted editing before completing your final draft)

If you missed the Old Hall work on Tuesday 5/30, here is the reading (read p. 338-56) and the organizer.

Here are the general guidelines for the final project.  More specific guidelines are below:
- Please remember that you need to create a product.  Be prepared to share your creation with the class during the scheduled final exam period.
-The final product will be your choice:  you may choose one of the options from the list, or come up with your own!
- You may work with a partner (from either my A or C block classes) or on your own.
- To show your understanding of the scope of U.S. history you learned this year, you will need to trace the theme by demonstrating how it manifested itself in 5-10 historical eras or events within the timeframe of the course (pre-Columbian America through the end of Reconstruction).  Since you did not have a project or test on the Civil War and Reconstruction, be sure to represent this period in your project.  Beyond that specific requirement, be sure that the other periods you select are varied (e.g. don't use four different examples from the Age of Jackson).
- You will have three periods of class time to work on this next week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (long block) for A block; part of Tuesday's long block, Thursday, Friday and the following Monday for C block)
- If you can bring a device (laptop or tablet) to work with next week, please do so.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

next unit reading and research paper due dates

You can find the two documents with the textbook reading for the next unit linked below.  You will have reading assignments due over the next few weeks, but never on the same days as a research step is due.

As a reminder, notes need to be your own, original, handwritten notes to receive credit for a notes check, or to be used on a reading check/quiz.  Remember to structure them by including headings, subheading and page numbers, and by underlining or otherwise highlighting key terms.

Chapter 9/Manifest Destiny and Chapter 10/The Union in Crisis
p. 297-304 due Tuesday 5/9 for C, Wednesday 5/10 for A
305-310 due Thursday 5/11 (both classes)
Preliminary works cited page due Friday 5/12 (both classes)
p. 311-315 due Monday 5/15 and p. 323-329 due Thursday 5/18 for C block
p. 311-315 and 323-329 due Thursday 5/18 for A block
p. 331-338 due Friday 5/19 (both classes)
p. 339-345 due Monday 5/22 for C block, Tuesday 5/23 for A block
p. 346-353 due Tuesday 5/23 for C block, Wednesday 5/24 for A block

C block:  5 kahoot questions (each with 1 right and 3 wrong answers) due by Wednesday 5/24 at 2:45

Multiple choice quiz with one very short (a few sentences) open-ended writing prompt on ch. 9 and 10 from the alternate textbook (Manifest Destiny and the Crisis of Union) on Friday 5/26 - plan on having work time for research papers following the quiz in class.
For review:
Here are the documents from the 1850's we looked at and analyzed in class.  The second to last document are the last words of John Brown.  The last document, the artwork Tragic Prelude, can be viewed in color here.
Also, you may find the last 15-20 minutes of America:  The Story of US "Westward" episode (from 32 minutes to the end) and the "Division" episode (30-43 minutes) to be helpful in your reviewing.
Here's the kahoot from class.

Preliminary thesis and outline due Wednesday 5/31 (C block:  since you do not have class on Wednesday, be sure to drop off your printed work to me in room 336 by the end of the day).

Oregon Trail link - please open in class when directed!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Research Paper Resources and America: Story of Us

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Here is a link to a folder on GoogleDrive that has a number of resources that will support you as you write your research papers. They address everything from formulating a working thesis to creating a works cited to polishing your final draft. Feel free to take a look and download anything that you think will be useful.  *Be aware that some requirements mentioned in these resources are for an A level class, and will be slightly different for H level (see the actual assignment description if you have questions).*

Here is the actual assignment description for A and C blocks.  Pre-search is due Monday 5/8 for C block and Tuesday 5/7 for A block.  The page of notes for this stage is *optional* and notes will not be collected for points (you can take notes, though, if you think they will help you).  The most important part is that you think seriously about a topic and read about it before we meet in the Media Center next week (Monday for C block, Tuesday for A) so you can make the best use of the time there.  Step 2 (works cited) will be due at the end of next week, to give you time to seek out sources from other places (e.g. the Robbins Library, or Minuteman Library Network in general) if you wish.

Also, here is the link to the America:  the Story of Us "Division" episode.  The relevant segment from this unit starts at the beginning and ends around 30 minutes into the clip.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

reading for the next unit - A block

Happy vacation!  If you're looking to get ahead, here are the reading and outlining assignments that will be due in the weeks after break.  This reading is less dense than the Brinkley text, but please follow the typical guidelines for outlining:  1 page of handwritten notes per 5 pages of reading.  (But if you're looking just to relax and enjoy your vacation, you can do that, too!)

(From this document):
Due Wednesday 4/26:  p. 228-235
Due Thursday 4/27:  p. 236-245

(From this document):
Due Friday 4/28:  p. 267-273 (start at "New Religious Groups")
Due Tuesday:  finish the stations organizer based on these document stations: industry and transportation, the Erie Canal and immigration
Due Wednesday 5/3:  p. 274-277 and 286-291
Due Thursday 5/4:  p. 278-285

Reading Schedule - C Block

I hope that all of you are enjoying your spring break and making the most of the sunshine we've been having. I wanted to upload the readings that we will be using for the rest of our unit on Andrew Jackson just in case some of you want to work ahead.

Because this is the era that you will be writing your research paper on, Ms. Arabasz and I have decided that it will be best to pack the rest of the reading into our first few days back in session so that you can all have an overview of the period and a basic understanding of the assortment of topics you could choose to explore in your papers. As you read, keep this in mind and take note of anything that grabs your interest.

The readings are in two documents located here and here. I will hand out hard copies on Monday.

Due Tuesday, April 25: Pp. 228-235 (from the packet labelled "Industry")
Due Friday, April 28: Pp. 236-244 (from the packet labelled "Industry")
Due Monday, May 1: Pp. 267-273 (from the packet labelled "Slavery and Reforms; start at "New Religious Groups")
Due Tuesday, May 2: Pp. 274-277, 286-291 (from the packet labelled "Slavery and Reforms")
Due Thursday, May 4: Pp. 278-285 (from the packet labelled "Slavery and Reforms")

Stations: Andrew Jackson - Man of the People?

Hey all,

Happy spring break!

Here is a link to the various vignettes illustrating Jackson's life, values, and worldview that we looked at last week.