Tuesday, April 18, 2017

reading for the next unit - A block

Happy vacation!  If you're looking to get ahead, here are the reading and outlining assignments that will be due in the weeks after break.  This reading is less dense than the Brinkley text, but please follow the typical guidelines for outlining:  1 page of handwritten notes per 5 pages of reading.  (But if you're looking just to relax and enjoy your vacation, you can do that, too!)

(From this document):
Due Wednesday 4/26:  p. 228-235
Due Thursday 4/27:  p. 236-245

(From this document):
Due Friday 4/28:  p. 267-273 (start at "New Religious Groups")
Due Tuesday 5/2:  p. 274-277 and 286-291
Due Wednesday 5/3:  p. 278-285

Reading Schedule - C Block

I hope that all of you are enjoying your spring break and making the most of the sunshine we've been having. I wanted to upload the readings that we will be using for the rest of our unit on Andrew Jackson just in case some of you want to work ahead.

Because this is the era that you will be writing your research paper on, Ms. Arabasz and I have decided that it will be best to pack the rest of the reading into our first few days back in session so that you can all have an overview of the period and a basic understanding of the assortment of topics you could choose to explore in your papers. As you read, keep this in mind and take note of anything that grabs your interest.

The readings are in two documents located here and here. I will hand out hard copies on Monday.

Due Tuesday, April 25: Pp. 228-235 (from the packet labelled "Industry")
Due Friday, April 28: Pp. 236-244 (from the packet labelled "Industry")
Due Monday, May 1: Pp. 267-273 (from the packet labelled "Slavery and Reforms; start at "New Religious Groups")
Due Tuesday, May 2: Pp. 274-277, 286-291 (from the packet labelled "Slavery and Reforms")
Due Thursday, May 4: Pp. 278-285 (from the packet labelled "Slavery and Reforms")

Stations: Andrew Jackson - Man of the People?

Hey all,

Happy spring break!

Here is a link to the various vignettes illustrating Jackson's life, values, and worldview that we looked at last week.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

"Democracy and the Age of Jackson" chapter and organizer

Read the Jackson chapter handed out in class (you may also highlight the packet and make notes if you wish - it's yours to keep) and fill in the organizer (with good detail, and in lieu of notes) for Thursday 4/13 (both classes).

For A block: please open this link in class when directed:
Close-up of "Defeating the Mother Bank"
Close-up of the Coffin Handbill

Friday, April 7, 2017

presidents videos and kahoot

Here's the kahoot from class and here's a link to The History Channel program on the presidents (Jefferson, Madison and Monroe).

Saturday, April 1, 2017

updated due dates for Jefferson/War of 1812/EGF project and test

Due to guidance meetings this week, assignments have been pushed back; here's the updated schedule:
C block:  project due Thursday 4/6, test Monday 4/10
A block:  project due Friday 4/7, test Tuesday 4/11

As you begin to review for your test on Jefferson's presidency and the War of 1812, use these study questions to guide your process.  You may also to help create a class study guide with specific key terms by editing this document.

Also, C-Block, here is a link to summaries of the 4 different perspectives on war that we looked at earlier this week.

C block:  please open this link Friday in class.

Thursday, March 30, 2017